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Classified ads can be a very cost effective method for lead generation as well as hiring people or outsourcing projects. The following classified ad packages are available for businesses interested in posting ads:

1.30 ads - US $3 / Rs 150.
2. 50 ads - US $5 / Rs 250.
3. 100 ads - US $10 / Rs 500

These classifieds ads may be posted on a single website at the rate of 10 ads per day, or up to 5 high traffic websites at the rate of 10 ads per day.

The following inputs are needed before posting the ad:
1. email of the sender
2. title of the ad
3. subject matter
4. any other prefer, like name, address, tel no.

A report will be sent after receiving payment, with details of the url where the advertisement has been posted. please note that all replies will be sent to your registered email address. For more information send an email to info@marketingpartner.biz .

Please note that we are looking for a reliable web designer /graphics designer for designing this website.

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